Electude is the creator of the world’s leading automotive e-learning solution that is used by thousands of schools, companies and governmental organisations in over 50 countries.
Founded in 1990 by two automotive instructors who pioneered a new and unprecedented approach to automotive education. The Electude team’s vision led to the creation of solutions which provide a unique and effective tool to teach all automotive learners by making it interactive, engaging, highly efficient and fun through the use of gaming technology.
Electude’s specialty is simulation-based, e-learning lessons. Today’s students are instantly drawn and captivated by Electude’s unique 3D gamification learning environment. This discovery-based method is about ‘learning by doing’.
Electude is a cloud-based automotive e-learning solution that allows instructors to assign, create, manage and grade lessons, exercises, tests and tasks. Students can complete their assignments from any location and from almost any online device.