Our Mission
Our mission is to help children (especially girls, children from low-income families, and minorities) prepare for a lifetime of learning about science and technology.
Our Vision
We believe that all children should experience, at the earliest possible moment, that they are designers and makers who can shape their own worlds. We believe that all educators can be confident STEM mentors, guiding students in meaningful, project-based practices that unite content knowledge and skill. We know that on-going participation in STEM learning, starting from the very beginning of students’ academic careers, will increase the number of students seeking STEM careers in college and beyond.
Who We Serve
Rokenbok Education provides applied technology and engineering learning experiences for school-age students. Rokenbok produces affordable Mobile STEM Labs and STEM-Maker Curriculum for Schools and Youth Service Organizations. Much of Rokenbok’s work is focused on designing professional learning experiences that allow teachers and youth services providers to become confident STEM mentors.